New Music and Role Update
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New Music and Role Update

New Music and Role Update
Sunset at Waterval Boven

Happy New Year!

Something to share, I finished a new track. I started it on Ableton Note and finished up on Ableton Live 11. That workflow really fits the way I enjoy making music. You can give it a listen here:

Photo taken at Tegwaan Farm in Waterval Boven

New role

I joined Tigris Data in December. This is a really exciting opportunity. Tigris is building a new modern data platform with FoundationDB as the core of its infrastructure.

The first month there has been great. The team has been very open and welcoming. The project and work is based on all the technologies I love working with - Distributed systems, Databases, FoundationDB, Javascript and Go.

It's still early days, as we are in preview mode and working towards our first production release. I'm biased but I think we are building something outstanding – something that users will find intuitive and easy to use. I'll keep you posted on our progress.