About Garren

About Garren

I'm Garren Smith. I'm a software developer, and my wife and I homeschool our two kids. So that keeps me busy for the majority of my waking hours.

I'm also a tinkerer, a lifelong learner, and a collector of hobbies. So, on this blog, I invite you to share in my fascination with any or all of the following:

  • Climbing and Bouldering (in the gym and in the great outdoors)
  • Making Music – electronic music, music production, bass guitar, electric guitar, and figuring out the piano
  • Photography – DSLR and drone
  • Sojourns around South Africa
  • Adventures in homeschooling and parenting
  • Bullet journalling, second brain, and intentional living
  • And yes, programming and software development – I consider myself a pretty versatile developer (frontend, backend, testing, and everything in between), so you should hopefully see that reflected in what I share here!


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